I’m Grace, Founder of Diva Train.

I’m a Personal Trainer /Health and Wellbeing Advisor based in North-West London. I wanted to introduce myself and my company Diva Train to you. Diva Train combines exercise and mindfulness techniques simply to empower women in feeling fit, strong and healthy in mind body & soul!

The Classes

Diva Train combines a total body-conditioning workout with feel good music and leaves you with an overwhelming sense of achievement. It uses a variety of body weight exercises, HIIT and welcomes girls and women of all ages and athletic ability. It ties together the feel good aspect of a dance class with well thought-out and constructed exercise programs leading to individual and personal achievement.


I believe achieving starts by believing that you actually CAN achieve. Roughly 10 years ago, I discovered exercise - it changed my life. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, exercising freed my mind. It was the one-hour of the day that was mine and nobody else’s. Because of this, I made the decision that I was going to give people what exercise gave to me because it saved me. Not only did I discover that the connection between mind and body is the most powerful tool we have for a calm and positive life - I found the true elixir to happiness and contentment.

 I very much pride myself on promoting exercise because it makes us FEEL good, as oppose to just looking good. A year ago I started a fitness brand called Diva Train – empowering women to feel fit, strong and healthy. It started with an exercise class that consisted of body weight conditioning mixed with feel good music and is designed to leave you with an overwhelming sense of achievement. Within a couple of months Diva Train had grown to the extent of being fully booked week in week out.

 As a Personal Trainer over the last few years, the skills I have gained have enabled me to tailor workout regimes individually for each of my clients. I believe everyone needs and deserves a slightly different approach to their coaching style and this is why I take the time to 100% care for my clients and go above and beyond to help them in every way that I can. During my career and working in various different gyms I have observed and come to realize that actually, gyms can be intimidating and they most certainly can be over priced. Gyms are definitely not for everyone which is exactly why I decided to set up my own Personal Training business where I can train people in the comfort of their own homes and still achieve amazing results. No gym membership, no contracts, just you and I in the comfort of YOUR own home.

Approximately a year ago I suffered a back injury that caused me to have to stop teaching. Just when I felt like I found my calling helping women day in and day out, the universe said no. The facts were that I had two bulging disks at the base of my spine, however I was given contrasting opinions from various different specialists on how to get better. The pain was travelling to all different parts of my body and it felt like nothing I was doing was helping. After months of no improvement I was told that my mental state was preventing me from healing. As you can imagine being told you are the cause of your chronic pain, things got worse. However… not being able to exercise forced me to look for other ways to keep my mind and body calm. This is when I found mindfulness which completely and utterly turned my world around. Living mindfully has given me more than exercise ever has. My mission is to help as many people as possible and give to them what both exercise and mindfulness has given to me.

Whether you are tackling anxiety, stress, weight loss, strength, fitness, toning up, targeting specific areas or just to feel great, I can cater to all. My attentive and mindful approach to training allows me to tune into each of my clients individually giving them the encouragement and drive they need to succeed.